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Carlos Manuel Fourquet Nuñez


Well, since many of you have no idea who I am, I will start this off with my father. Similar short biographies of different families will be found in this area.

Carlos Manuel Fourquet Nuñez was born on April 4, 1934, behind the old church Iglesia del Carmen in La Playa de Ponce. Carlos, the second of four children, born to Alejandro Fourquet Rivera and Maria Antonietta Nuñez Velasquez grew up playing in the streets and cane fields of la La Playa and swimming in the blue waters of our island. 

When Carlos was 18, a strapping young man, he met a young woman who had come to live with her mother. Carmen Lydia Batiz Sierra had been raised in a huge house on la Calle Villa, near el parque de bomberos in town. She had lived sheltered and well off until her grandmother died. She now lived above the well known colmadito called La Mina de Oro, which was run by her step-father Felipe Arroyo and mother Isidora (Lola) Sierra.  This shy beauty, her green eyes and light complexion a stark contrast from the sun coppered people of the area. Carlos fell in love and dated Carmen and hoped to one day marry her.

Later, Carlos went to serve in the U.S. Army and after serving came to New York and stayed with his brother, Luis and his "madrina". 

Carmen Lydia Batiz Sierra came to New York in the late 50’s from Ponce to have surgery done on her hand.  She had had an accident when she was younger.  The tendons on her right hand had been severed and had never properly healed.  Carlos found out she was in NY, he sought her and found her. They married in a New York Presbyterian church in 1960.

In 1961, they had their first child together, Charles Fourquet Batiz. Two years later, a girl, Wanda Eleanor Fourquet Batiz. Carlos and Carmen raised their children in Brooklyn.  He worked in a frame factory while his wife served as a Pentecostal church minister and pastor at a local church.  

Carlos and Carmen were divorced in 1980 and he later remarried and had two more children, Charlene Fourquet and Jasmine Lumar Fourquet, with Nereida Gonzalez, who had a child of her own, Rafael Rodriguez. Carlos was ready to start again, raising Rafael as his own and the two new additions to the Fourquet family.  Nereida is a teacher with the Board of Education in New York City.  Charlene and Jasmine graduated from college and are working in New York.  

Wanda married a Ponce native, Roberto Mayol, having a daughter together, Abbaid Mayol Fourquet, who now has two children of her own.  Wanda now resides in Massachhusetts, and Charlie, attended college in Brooklyn, majoring in accounting.  He now works as a Network Administrator for a large company in New York City, while serving as Vice-President and co-founder of the Hispanic Genealogical Society of New York.  His curiosity with his family past has made for a fulfilling hobby which he hopes to continue for the family.
Carlos passed away of colon cancer in March of 2005.  His wife Nereida, and two eldest children, were with him when he would take his last breath.